Monday, 30 November 2009

I completed the new wiring loom and temporarily fitted it into the frame, in went two brand new batteries and she turned over very nicely with a good healthy spark although she is not running yet. i will need to clean the petrol tank out next by using some fine shingle and give it a good shake so that the shingle removes any loose rust from the inside of the tank then i will give it a good wash out with petrol i dont think it has deteriorated enough to warrent the use of tank seal . i will check the setting on the carburetter, set the gap on the new spark plug and contact breaker points in preparation for the big start, The panels are coming along slowly still filling the dents layer by layer i have included a few pics of the panels. i will keep you all updated and thanks for looking in

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I have had all the panels sand blasted and primered ready for the spraying. Thought it would be wise to bolt them back onto the scooter to make sure nothing had been bent while at the sandblasters but everything seems ok. There are a few dents on the legshield and a bit of work to do the front bumper,also a couple of holes to the rear body were i will have to weld in a few pieces. The closest colour i could get to the original was an old british leyland rover colour which seems to be a very good match to the original pampas grey colour,which will look great with red piping between the leg shield and nose panel.

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