Friday, 16 October 2009

The engine is finally back in its frame after almost two years, i have included some photographs which i took today. The original exhaust was beyomd repair so i have decided to use a secondhand exhaust from an A2 model which needed a small weld which i had done by a friend of mine, although not true to the restoration it will have to do as i cannot source an early AO exhaust as they are as rare as hens teeth. I wire brushed the newly welded exhaust and have given it three coats of silver heat resistent paint. the exhaust does not look pretty but you will only see the end of the tail pipes when the bodywork is in situ. I am now going to concentrate on making a new wireing loom and will keep you all updated

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Just before i replaced the engine into the frame,i decided to check the dynastart brushes and oil seal, i am glad i did because the brushes were worn by two thirds so i replaced these with a new siba set (£15 from heinkel club uk) and the oil seal was also replaced another £2.50. So now the engine is back in place it looks as if things are starting to come togeather, All the new cables are in place and i am now inspecting the old wiring loom which i have decided to replace by making my own , the heinkel club wanted £70 for a new one so i ordered all the cable and connectors,sleeves etc which cost me only £15 so i will get on with this and let you know the outcome, i will update the pictures tonight.

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