Thursday, 10 September 2009

I have put back the push rods and valve springs and set the gaps according to the manual. while the engine is out i have taken off the clutch housing cover just to take a peek inside and check the overall condition of the drive chain and sprockets which all seem to be fine with very little wear. The clutch plates look they have plenty of life in them yet. I will have to replace the oil seal on the inside of the crankcase were the clutch spindal enters because the bottom has perished and has been torn away,i got a replacement from the heinkel club uk total cost £5. Before the clutch housing cover is replaced the marks on the gear change lever must correspond with the marks on the small gearchange sprocket if you dont do this at this stage you will have to take it all apart again. I also put on a brand new gasket for the cover with a very light smear of grease. and brand new nyloc nuts to hold the cover in place. Next job will be to check the brushes in the dynastart and also check the points ,i will keep you updated on this.

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